Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the word khajjal

In pahari back in Himachal there is a lovely word called khajjal. There is no particular meaning of the word.
Its usage is something like "I was in a bus all day and my back is aching and i had to change three buses. I went Khajjal."
or " I had to push my bike to make it reach to the petrol pump. I went khajjal".

But honestly the word gets a lot more serious when you become brutally honest to yourself. The major shit is when one sees his future or past and tends to waste the present in that time. I think everybody knows that. thinking about the future or the past is the worst sin you can do to yourself.

I have had a share of my problems. But everyday when I get up in the morning a voice within me says lets see what God brings in store.